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Becky Wood
Rebecca Wood, best known as Becky, is a hard working junior currently attending Roxbury High School. She always enjoyed making up creative stories, even when she couldn’t write yet. She grew up in the close knit community of Dover but in 6th grade she branched out and auditioned to be a choice student at Roxbury for middle school and high school. Whether it was drawing or writing, Becky was always determined to be as creative as possible. She is very interested in writing realistic fiction, poetry, creative short stories, and even children’s books. In middle school she was given her first opportunity to write and illustrate a picture book, ever since then she has been planning to publish one in her future. During the most difficult times in her life, Becky has used writing as a way to escape from reality. Instead of writing journal entries about her life, she uses her experiences by putting them into poems and short stories with characters based off of herself. While she has always loved making up stories, Becky used to hate writing because of her bad handwriting, but that doesn’t matter so much now that she can type everything. When she isn’t worrying about her handwriting Becky is laying with her two dogs watching Bob’s Burgers, or singing along to her eclectic playlist. If you are wondering how you can contact her, you’ll be able to reach her at [email protected]

Becky Wood, Interactive and RHS News Editor

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Becky Wood