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On January 10th, 2023 at 11:07 am, Roxbury High School student Nicho Blehl is caught trying to start a conversation with Espen Sears in study hall. Espen is playing a soccer game on his phone while listening to music, and not at all acknowledging Nicho next to him.
Alexis Oliveira, Editor • January 26, 2023

I chose to do this project on screenagers because I believe that most teens feel as if having access to a phone is a right, when in reality, it is a privilege given to those who earn it. Many can construct an argument about parents...

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Why does Roxbury High School have no windows? Should we get windows?
Gavin J. Gardner November 4, 2022

Roxbury High School, a large high school in a local town in New Jersey, and although RHS may seem obscure, a place not very notable. RHS has quite a handful of history to bestow behind these thick, brick, windowless walls. The...

Human to Monster–Criminals of History
How Has Harry Potter Made an Impact?

What is your favorite Winter sport at RHS?

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What Does Roxbury Mean To You?
October 25, 2022

Welcome to Roxbury! People see the big blue sign on the side of the road welcoming them into this big community. They may think, “What is Roxbury?”...

2022 Winter Edition
2022 Winter Edition
The Roxbury Review Staff, Staff • January 6, 2023

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