Art Prompts


An example for the prompt “Draw something containing a button.” Photo courtesy of Becky Wood

Many of us are artistic even though we don’t know it. Often artists have trouble coming up with what to draw or paint, so I decided to make a list of art prompts as we all have a bit of time on our hands. This idea is sparked by my drawing and painting class’ sketchbook assignments. We are given a broad prompt and on the due date we present them to the class and have a wide range of different products.Keep reading for a few art prompts I’ve come up with.



  • Recreate a famous art piece, such as A Starry Night or The Mona Lisa.
  • Put a modern twist on your favorite art piece. 
  • Draw your idol.
  • Draw a scene from your favorite TV show.
  • Find any picture in your camera roll and draw it.
  • Find a picture or art piece, turn it upside down and draw it that way.
  • Draw your favorite animated show in your own style.
  • Read a short story or poem and recreate it without using words.



  • Draw/paint a 4 letter word.
  • Draw/paint something that grows.
  • Create an art piece including food.
  • Zoom in on a plant and draw part of it.
  • Create your own superhero.
  • Draw/paint something with a tail and wings.
  • Draw/paint something containing a button.
  • Draw your least favorite food.
  • Try role reversal art.
    • Ex. Put a human in a fish tank or put a scuba diver in space.
  • Paint something using only one color.
  • Create something centered on something you dislike.
    • Ex. Your least favorite color, your least favorite character from a show, your least favorite food, etc.
  • Have a member of your family draw a line or shape and turn it into a drawing.
  • Try out continuous line drawing (Draw something without lifting your pencil off the page).
  • Draw something by only using words in your favorite song.
  • Create a family portrait.
  • Draw/paint your pet/s.
  • Draw/paint your home.



  • Create a collage that represents your quarantine so far.
  • Try out surrealism- The following are a few suggestions if you are unsure how to approach this
    •  Pick a decade such as the 50s or 70s.
    • Find an advertisement or a picture from that time period and print it.
    • Pick a theme, try to modernize it or make the picture scary.
    • Print out pictures that go with your theme.
    • Paste them on top of your advertisement/picture covering certain parts, you can also cut holes in the advertisement and glue your theme picture in through the back.
  • Create a collage of your favorite show.
  • Create a comic strip.
  • Use junk mail, newspapers, or even print out texts/social media posts to create a collage and paint on top of the paper background.
  • Create a collage of an emotion.
  • Create a collage of your favorite season.
  • Paint something that makes you happy on your wall (With parent permission).


I hope these ideas help inspire you to be creative. Whether you are confident in your artistic abilities or not, these ideas will still be fun to do! Art isn’t always about skill but is also about creativity and freedom of expression.