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Olivia Joy Post

Olivia Post is a well written young woman, who has been spilling her guts in her diaries and writing sappy poems for longer than she can remember. In recent years, though, she has made more exciting changes in her life. She is the Opinions Editor of the school newspaper and debate team captain at her very own Roxbury High School. She holds her past achievements very close to her heart. She won poetry awards in 2018 awarded by Lea Margosiak (Head of the Mount Olive High School Education Department). She is the Publicity Officer of the Roxbury High School Choir Council. She was awarded top debater in her novice year, on the Roxbury Debate Team. She has always found a way to make her big dreams fit into a small town, even if those dreams are only in her head and occasionally written down on paper. 


Olivia Joy Post, Opinions Editor

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Olivia Joy Post