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What are health and beauty? In my opinion, these two things go hand-in-hand. Although these things are often seen together, they do not always look the same. Beauty comes in many different shapes and sizes, and so does health. A muscular woman who is 170 lbs can be just as healthy and beautiful as a woman who is 130 lbs and very lean.  But these standards are not just about women, men struggle with things they cannot control such as how tall they are, how muscular they are and even how thin they are. 

It is common for people to incorrectly state that the only way to be healthy is to be thin. This is untrue. A healthy person is a subjective idea that is open to interpretation. For example in the Italian Renaissance, a healthy person was one of great bust, which nowadays would be viewed as a negative connotation to health. For men, the standard usually comes from themselves. Since the beginning of time, the idea of masculinity has been shoved down young boys throats. In most cultures, it is not acceptable for a young man to possess any feminine traits without throwing away his Y chromosome. 

Do not get me wrong, beauty is not about size. You do not have to be the fullest girl or the buffest guy to be attractive. It is as beautiful to be thin and willowy as it is to be squishy and soft. In the media, beauty is described as many things: thin, no acne, tight clothes, no glasses, no braces, etc.. If you put beauty into this tiny box, then women like Michelle Obama and Princess Diana would not be considered beautiful. In many ways, they defy traditional beauty standards. They are different, and they are empowering and brave-hearted. 

Additionally, men like Gandhi can be considered beautiful. He was smart and he was wise, and many would consider him a crucial figure in the world today. As well, even men like Leonardo Dicaprio have been body-shamed for gaining a few pounds; he is a man who is an acting legend and has been recognized for his talent worldwide. 

These people are who we, as humans, should aspire to be like. We should not let ourselves get so wrapped up in the idea that beauty is simply the number on the scale or how much you can bench press. 

Beauty is so much more than physical appearance; it is kindness, intellect, and, bravery. Most importantly beauty is found within all our differences. Every piece of ourselves that makes us different and unique is a huge factor in our beauty. Exposure to social media has made young people start to question themselves, and that is where these insecurities have an outlet. 

Social media has quickly become very harmful to a young person’s expectations. Boys and girls are exposed to so much all the time, it is hard not to compare themselves. Young people see models on Instagram, dancers on TikTok, and even people with insanely interesting lives on YouTube. Ultimately it causes these unattainable goals at such a young age, and some of these goals are not healthy. 

Those models you are comparing yourselves to are living lives of comparison, as well. In their industry, anorexia, and bulimia are so common they are not properly treated as eating disorders. “After not fulfilling the stereotypes of what society believes someone should be, these boys and girls live their lives in a silent pain” (The Outlook). That is terrifying, a world that encourages that type of expectation is dangerous. Please, girls and boys, do not think your worth is found in the number on the scale. 

Your worth is found in your heart, soul, and mind. The world will try and convince every young person that they have to fit in a box. That expectation is crippling to the development of creativity and uniqueness. Do not under any circumstance let society make you apologize for who you are. You are beautiful, wonderful, and you have so much to bring to this world.