Debate Championship February 7th, 2020


Photo courtesy of Mr. Miller.

Debate Championship February 7th, 2020

On Friday, February 7th, 2020 West Morris Central High School hosted the annual Debate Championship. Five of Roxbury’s top-scoring debaters competed on Friday including, Justin Berge (Junior), Heather Doherty (Senior), Christian Maroulis (Sophomore), Taylor Kramer (Sophomore), and Olivia Post (Junior). 

Justin Berge and Olivia Post won both of their debates but were excluded from the semifinals based on points, scoring a 177 while the two teams who moved on scored 181 and 184. Due to Roxbury’s high score, Justin Berge and Olivia Post received third place of the affirmative teams to debate on Friday. 

Later, several other awards were announced. For overall wins all season the affirmative came in third as well, winning 12 out of their 16 debates of the year. Overall the team came in third for the season. This was based on points and total wins of the entire season. 

Junior Justin Berge was awarded the leadership award for the Roxbury team, as he is constantly encouraging the spirit of debate and debate theory. 

Last year was a building year for this young team, which is filled with mainly sophomores and juniors. The team has only one senior leaving at the end of the school year: Heather Doherty. 

Last year the team left with only one award, and this year they left with 4. The team has made huge bounds this year under the instruction of Mr. Connolly and leadership from Olivia Post (Team Captain), Heather Doherty (Negative Captain) and Justin Berge (Affirmative Captain).

Ultimately, the team is excited about the growth they will see next year and the prospect of new members. Until the next debate season, Gaels!