Things I Wish I Knew When I First Started Scrapbooking!

Hello everyone I love scrapbooking and no it is not just for little old women! Scrapbooking can be an amazing way to put together and memorialize pictures and events you have experienced. Personally, I find it so fun and satisfying when you finish and you see your final product. 

  1. You’ll need a book. You can find them at Walmart, JOANN fabrics, or Target. Personally, the ones at JOANN are the fanciest and most well put together. This is going to be the backbone of your scrapbook, so make sure you pick one that you really love. I have found that beginners should go for a smaller scrapbook with only around 20-30 pages, but trust me, soon 75 won’t be enough!
  2. Pictures! These are the most important part, you have to pick pictures that go together, they could be family pictures, pictures with your friends, sports and school pictures, or even pictures with your significant other. The combinations are endless; you could genuinely combine any number of pictures all together as long as there is a common theme. 
  3. The next crucial is all about color! It is completely a personal choice. I have found a good way to do a scrapbook as well is to section it off, the first 5 pages are pictures from all the same time period so they are all the same color scheme, then to represent a change in time you change the color scheme. The possibilities are endless! 
  4. After you have your colors, you are ready to start working! Find all the small items you want to add! Once again it is a very free-spirited craft, each one is so very different from the next. 
  5. From this point forward the rest is up to you, happy scrapbooking! 

Be Creative with Colors

  1. Cool tones, blue, green, purple
  2. Warm tones red, orange, pink
  3. Holiday-themed  
  4. Valentines’ themed
  5. Your favorite color 
  6. All plaid, stars, polka dots, etc 

What can you add? 

  1. Movie tickets 
  2. Polaroids
  3. Playbills
  4. Receipts
  5. Stickers
  6. Pages out of old notebooks
  7. Pages out of books 
  8. Printed out quotes
  9. Drawings

Thank you and I hope you found these tips useful!