Daily outfits of me and my friends!

My topic was daily outfits of me and my friends! I not only choose this topic because my daily outfits reflect who I am but they also show the impact I and others put out onto the world. Fashion is something that many people don’t exactly worry about, especially in a school environment. I find this quite interesting and hard to believe that so many people don’t try with their outfits just cause its school. Throughout the past few years, I’ve found fashion is the best way to express yourself, especially in an environment that almost tries to shelter that self-expression aspect. Clothing is not only a great way to express yourself, but researchers suggest the types of clothing we wear can affect our behaviors as well as our confidence. By wearing clothes we love, we feel more confident in ourselves and this is particularly important to our well-being. What we wear may seem like that same old sweater in our closet but it puts an impact out into the world. In other words, our clothes communicate something about us, who we are, what we want to become, and what we stand for. Clothing not only does all these things but it’s also is an expression of spirit and character. It is like that old saying “ You are what you eat” in fashion this consist of “ You are what you wear”. So wear what suits you, what you want, and what makes you feel YOU!Copy of Self Care Products_ Marketing for Spring Sales by Slidesgo