The 4th of July Fireworks on Lake Hopatcong


Photo courtesy of The Lake Hopatcong Foundation

The Lake Hopatcong Yacht Club has hosted the 4th of July Fireworks celebration since the early 1950s. Ever since it has been the most memorable and favorable event in Lake Hopatcong’s history. Even the local restaurants like Lola’s, The Windlass, Alices, and The Jefferson House are stuffed with crowds as the docks are filled with boats and the parking lots are filled with cars. It is the busiest day of the season after all. To put it into perspective, hundred of boats gather on the lake to watch the celebration over several miles, if you don’t believe me, come see for yourself. 

I usually try every year to go and last year I was met with a huge surprise at Mount Arlington’s beach. Hundreds of locals and even people from surrounding towns crowded the Mount Arlington beach and pier. There were so many people that it took me over ten minutes to make my way up to the front. Every square inch was taken up. Legs were dangling off of the sides of the pier, kids ran from all different directions, people were moving from the front to the back and from the back to the front, and there were even dogs making their way through. In the water, people lay upon floats, kids were splashing one another and spraying water guns, and some people were just keeping afloat waiting for the fireworks to begin.

On the beach, there was the most action. People were barbecuing, resting on beach chairs and towels, throwing a ball or frisbee around, and even playing live music. If you don’t get it by now, you had to of been there. A few moments later, the real fireworks began. From the Yacht Club which was across the lake, you can see the fireworks begin to light up, even the sizzling of the sparks can be heard from such a distance, and it was almost as if there was an immediate reaction. Cheers and applause erupted along the lake as everyone began to make either a commotion in excitement or watch in complete mesmerization. They had been the biggest fireworks anyone had ever seen… better than any carnival or event, they were huge. They lit up the sky to the point where you would think it was day. There were gold, pink, white, blue, yellow, silver, orange, and every other color you could think of or that was even possible. Still to this day, I have never seen anything like it or any other fireworks that can come close. They were beautiful and filled up the sky with so much color to the point where you’d think you were dreaming.

I highly encourage you to take part in the event and see it at least once, it is well worth it!