That Summer Feeling

Photo Courtesy of Shutterstock

Photo Courtesy of Shutterstock

Imagine, the scorching hot burning sensation on your face, the ice cold coffee in your hand, and that amazing tan you have: summer. Now go back and reread the first word. Imagine. Soon you won’t have to imagine it, it’ll be right there, only days away!

Summer has a magical touch of changing your mood, both positively and negatively. You look forward every school year to the hot weather of summer and that no school work feeling. Although, those days where it’s rainy, cloudy, and cold can have a quicker suspicion to take your happiness away and make you feel a little gloomy. Despite that, there’s always an upside to that downside, it’s still summer! No more school! 

School is all about stress. Being stressed about work, tests, deadlines, friends, relationships, and everything in between is the building blocks to gray hairs and wrinkles. Summer is your chance to take a breath, de-stress and fully optimize the benefits of CBD, hangout with friends, learn something new, master a skill. Everyone thinks two months of summer isn’t enough for ten months of school but thinking of the bright side, the relief of sleeping late, being tan, getting playa bowls, it’s all worth it! 

When summer hits, we tend to be more active without even trying. We don’t sit at a desk for 7 hours straight, then continue to sit the rest of the day studying and doing homework. We hang out with friends, go outside for fresh air, go to the beach or pool, anything that doesn’t involve sitting most of the day, you’re active in some sort of a way! 

The increased sun exposure boosts our vitamin D levels, which can steer us to a happier mood, which can result in a better mental health. Spending time in the sun can also help your body produce more melatonin (sleep hormone) at night, allowing you to sleep better and overall feel better. 

According to the University of Michigan research, the mood change because of sunny weather is real. “Being outside in pleasant weather really offers a way to reset your mind-set,” said Matthew Keller, U-M postdoctoral researcher. By just getting outside for at least 30 minutes a day, it is proven, your overall mood will improve. 

Seasonal depression is not a topic to speak lightly about. It is a type of depression that has a seasonal pattern. The episodes of depression tend to occur at the same time every year, usually during winter. Seasonal depression is brought on by less sunlight and shorter days. It can happen during the summer but is less likely than winter. Due to the summer time having more sunlight and longer days. 

As we all know a little too well, the warmth and brightness of the summer months can’t stay with us forever–eventually, we have to go back to the dreadful cold, dark winter months. We will return to the stress of school, the holidays, and the bitter outside chores that can sometimes overwhelm us. But, now that time is not here yet. Even for just a couple minutes, take the time to do the little things that you enjoy.