Fire! Israel and Palestine Are Going at it Again

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Each of us must confront our own fears and come face to face with them, and that’s how it started. Israelis and Palestinians both feared each other. The trust was broken. The suspense and tension in the air was thick as families and friends were being torn. All that’s left is you and it. Your fear that is. You hear cursing and sirens as you’re running for your life thinking about how it’s never going to end. Turn it off. Turn it off! You tell yourself. Make it stop, please! 

The conflict started with Britain taking over Palestine in the 20th century. The British had “invited” Jews onto the land and Arabs did not like that. They wanted the land all for themselves, not the Jews starting homes there. They didn’t want them taking over even though the majority of the land was owned by Palestine. 

Tensions had grown between both parties and eventually grew more when Britain got the task of establishing the “National Home” in Palestine for Jewish people. The phrase “National Home” was intentionally used instead of “state” because of the opposition to the Zionist program within the British Cabinet. The object of Zionism was to find Jewish people a home in Palestine to be secured by public law. 

During the 1920s-40s more Jews arrived at the land due to World War II ending. The violence started heating up between the Arabs and Jews against British rule. By 1947, the UN created a law to split Palestine. 

By 1947, the UN created a rule that the Arab and the Jewish side were going to split apart due to the anger between them. This plan was then accepted by Jews but declined by Arabs. Later on, the problem still wasn’t solved so, in 1948, British rulers left and Jewish leaders took over. That’s how the country became Israel. 

In that event, many Palestinians were disappointed and angry. As a result, war followed. The Arab troops had invaded Israel and thousands of Palestinians either failed to support themselves or were forced out of their homes in something called “the Catastrophe” (sudden damage). 

At the time the war was ending, Israel was still on top and running everything. In other words, during the entire war that both Palistine’s and Jews fought, Israel still had to continue working with the government rather than trying to solve the war. Jerusalem was then divided between Israeli forces in the West Bank, and Egypt occupied Gaza.   

Since there was never a peace treaty; the issue remains unresolved decades later. Have you ever heard the saying, “No amount of guilt can change the past and no amount of worry can change the future”? It makes a lot of people wonder if things will change later in life or if the decades-long argument will continue forever. 

Many people have heard of this conflict all over the world and it affects the mindset of others. They get in their own head about being in danger. Many Americans have opinions on this conflict, and these opinions are always changing. An anonymous interviewee stated, “All over social media it was the main topic and people were constantly posting “free Palestine, ” which angered me greatly. So, yes this conflict does touch my feelings because it pains me to hear about Israel constantly being attacked by Palestine, but it also angers me to hear people protest for violence and stupidity.” This interviewee discovered the amount of hatred going back and forth between both parties is heart-stopping. Another interviewee Katie Caron,  has stated repeatedly that social media is a way to get news across for all ages. She thinks social media can boost the education of students on this topic. 

Think about it. If you were able to educate people on this topic, where would you start? Would you share your opinion? Would you teach the importance of it or the part you see on social media? Roxbury High School teacher Mrs. Santoro states, “Education is always a good way to calm it, educating it. It’s easy to be indifferent and not caring about something across the world. By teaching people it is helpful. I’d teach both sides and show multiple perspectives to formulate opinions and thoughts.” 

“It is in fact violent and stupid. People are afraid and losing the people they care about most so why should they have to suffer? ” said by Katie Caron. People are losing loved ones and getting injured for a war that hasn’t even begun. Just imagine what could happen once it does. Who will be left? Will this be going on forever? Is something going to happen to the land? 

It’s like the smarter you are, the more things can scare you. No matter how smart you are and how much knowledge you have, you can still be scared and affected in some sort of way. When you’re afraid, how do you calm yourself down? You never know what’s going to happen.  Think of it this way, if you were included in the conflict would you be scared? 

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