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Gavin J. Gardner

Gavin J. Gardner

Gavin Gardner is a young, ambitious person who hopes to accomplish many grand things. Ever since he was a young child he has had a passion for learning, he will do plenty of research prior to making any statement and shows no caveats whatsoever. He has gotten plenty of certifications from the school, his proudest being voted as “Most Likely to Become President” by his peers in 8th grade. 

Gavin lives in Landing, New Jersey with parents, two Great Danes, one Hairless Cat, and one awesome little sister. He loves animals, nature, philosophy, and many other things. He memorized both the Presidents of the U.S.A. and the Periodic table of elements. And his main short-term goal is to continue the family tradition of serving in the Army. Gavin also will not stop talking once you get him interested, he’s more talkative than any group of elderly men meeting for the first time in years. 

Gavin has also noticed in the years of his early teen-hood that journalism and media outlets have become increasingly opinionated. So one of his many goals is to pursue a part-time career in the world of journalism, and possibly one day revolutionize it.

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Gavin J. Gardner