How Has Harry Potter Made an Impact?

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The Boy Who Lived, The Chosen One, Harry Potter—whichever name you know him by, you have probably heard his name at least once, whether it was from the movies, books, or through media. The Harry Potter books and movies have made a huge impact on the culture, society, and the world since the first book Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was released in the United Kingdom in 1997. Since, fans from all over the world have fallen in love with ‘The Boy Who Lived’ and his adventures at Hogwarts.

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To describe the impact that the series has had on her life, an anonymous fan states: “I watched the movies four years ago and read the books five years ago. Since then, it has made a huge impact on my life. I find deeper meaning in the books.” Many feel the same way. The books and movies have become more than just a fantasy novel or a film on a big screen, but rather a whole new experience. “People use the books and movies as a form of escapism. The magic of them can help fuel the creativity and imaginations in people of all ages,” Lizzie Kelly, a student at Roxbury High School and avid reader, states. 

The books changed the literary world forever. The books and movies popularized the fantasy genre among children and young adults. Many also found a love for reading through the series. “The series allows me and many others to escape into a fantasy world that’s involved in an academic setting, it really is a dream come true,” Kaylee Blanchard, a student at Roxbury High School and fan of the series, says. According to, the books also proved that children would read longer books. Even as the books got longer and more complex, people of all ages continued to read and enjoy them. 

The movies also had a huge impact on culture and society. The Harry Potter franchise pushed for more books to be adapted into movies. This is a trend that still continues today. Movies like Twilight (2008) and The Chronicles of Narnia (2005) followed in the footsteps of the Harry Potter films during the era when they were most popular. The movies also allowed others to enjoy the series even if they didn’t want to read the books. Harry Potter allowed directors to be creative with fantasy films and paved the way for others to be, as well. “I think the films were really well done. I always enjoy watching them,” an anonymous fan of the Harry Potter film franchise states. 

With the books being popularized around the world, they also allowed many people to connect with others. “I’ve met so many friends through just talking about the series, it really helps people feel connected,” an anonymous source states. The series continues to connect thousands of people every day through social media and also their very own websites, such as MuggleNet and Pottermore

Not only do the books help people connect with each other, but can help people feel connected with characters as well. “Luna is my favorite character. I love how she embraces being different and being an outcast,” Kelly states. Everyone has their own favorite character in the series, but most fans can agree on one thing: Harry is a great protagonist. Harry is not always a perfect hero; he is sometimes at fault, has a sarcastic personality, and loves his family and friends. Almost all the series’ readers adore him. “By the series showing Harry’s loss I felt so connected to him throughout the books and movies, I made a permanent connection to his character,” an anonymous fan states. 

“Having people read the books and watch the movies for fun can keep the series alive” Lizzie Kelly states.  The series will continue to impact future generations as long as fans continue to keep the magic alive. It’s important we continue to enjoy the series because, not only is it an open door into a new world and a way to escape from reality, but one that teaches us friendship, loss, heartbreak, and bravery. 

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