Mario Kart App is Taking Off


Photo courtesy of the Apple App Store.

Amy Acevedo and Robbie Sarafin

At Roxbury High School and at schools all across the country, there is a new app taking the world by storm. The Mario Kart app is the biggest new trend for mobile games. Teens everywhere are playing the game whenever they can, trying to unlock new characters, karts, and other powerups. Everyone is hoping to beat their friends, have the rarest characters, and the most coins. Put your seatbelt on Roxbury, because Mario Kart is taking off!

Mario Kart Tour was released on September 25th, 2019, available for purchase in the App Store and Google Play Store. No matter where you looked in the hallways or the cafeteria, it was hard to find a phone screen that wasn’t lit up with the newest game.

While players can compete in daily and weekly challenges to help unlock new tracks and prizes, many hope to be able to compete against their friends. As of the most current update, players can do so with friends by comparing scores. However, many players are hoping the app developers will release a multiplayer mode where players can compete directly.

Mario Kart had 10.1 million first-day downloads, breaking a record for the company that launched the app. The mobile game can be compared popularity-wise to other apps like Pokémon GO or Super Mario Run. The app’s popularity has sustained as it updates occur weekly with new cups being released. This has kept the millions of users entertained, waiting for new tracks and prizes to be unlocked.

Will the app remain popular or is this just another trend that will come and go? Only time will tell whether this app will withstand the test of time. For now, it’s time to get ready, set, and start racing.