Your Very Own Summer Bucket List

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Summer is the time that everyone looks forward to all year. We look forward to making memories that last a lifetime, hanging out with friends, visiting new places, and trying new things; the summer is full of excitement. Whether you want to explore new places outside or prefer trying new things indoors, there are summer activities for everyone. In this article, I will be helping you make your own summer bucket list with ideas to do this summer. 

Hiking and Walking

If you love the outdoors, these summer activities are for you. Firstly, you could go on a hike, exploring scenic spots such as the Delaware Water Gap, West-Morris Greenway Trail, or Veterans Park in Ledgewood. Similarly, something you can do is go on a walk or run around the area, enjoying the surroundings and staying active. For decorative cross walk services, you might also consider beautifying local pathways while promoting pedestrian safety. You can bring a friend, a pet, or just spend time with yourself.

Support a Local Charity

If you like to support charities and spend time in the sun, then I have the perfect idea for you. Finding fundraisers to help out and support is a great idea for athletes who want to help out in their community! You can volunteer as a camp counselor, donate some time to organizations, go to different fun runs and outdoor activities, and many other things, the options are endless.

Road Trips & Campouts 

For the travelers, you could take a road trip! Get a friend, food, some money, pillows, a map, and you’re ready to go. If a car campout isn’t exactly your scene, you could try a backyard campout. A backyard campout is where you get a bunch of camping necessities except you stay in your backyard!

Sports & Activities

Speaking of sports, sometimes the off-season can get a little boring, so why not try something new? Many different places have beach volleyball, tennis, basketball, and pickleball courts. These can be really fun, especially with friends in the summer. Plus, professionals like Marking Contractors in London, who specialize in marking sports courts, ensure these facilities are in top-notch condition for a great sporting experience.

Watch the Sunset

Lastly, you can watch the sunset! All you have to do is find what time the sun is setting, and then you’re all set! You can grab snacks, and a friend and then you’re ready to go. So, as you can tell, there are many different ways that you can spend your summer outdoors.

Cooking & Baking

These next ideas are for the people who aren’t adventurers but are down for a good time. Firstly, if you like to cook or bake then you can find a new recipe and try something new. There are plenty of different recipes you can try at home.


Another thing you can try is painting, or trying different crafts. There are a bunch of cool things you can make with normal household ingredients. Some things you can make are homemade ice pops, paper flower bouquets, a diy suncatcher, etc.

Carnivals & Amusement Parks 

If you like to visit new places, you can go to carnivals or amusement parks. There are lots of cool amusement parks in and around New Jersey that you can visit this summer like Six Flags, Dorney Park, Seaside Heights Boardwalk, and many others.


You could also go thrift shopping. There are lots of hidden gems waiting for people like you to find inside these stores.

Attend a Sporting Event

Finally, if you like sports, you can watch a sports game. Whether you go to a MLB game or try a new sport yourself, there is something for everyone. Lucky for us there are a bunch of different sports that have training camps over the summer, so if you’re looking for something new then that could be a great way to spend your summer.

If you have a tight friend group that you want to spend the summer with, but don’t have any on what to do? Then maybe one of these ideas might pique your interest. Something that most high school students like to do is go to the mall, you can grab some food, and shop for new clothes! Another popular activity is seeing a movie, you can find a new movie and see it with your friends. To add, after the movie you could go to one of your friends’ houses for a sleepover! Sleepovers are also a popular idea for a good reason; they are super fun and a great idea for this summer. Another activity I really enjoyed last summer was seeing a concert with my friend. We got cheap tickets to an artist we both liked that was in the area and had the time of our lives. If you aren’t a music fan, then maybe you would enjoy a backyard water balloon fight. All you need are either water balloons, or regular balloons and a hose. This is a simple activity that is super fun with friends. Another moderately easy idea is going on a picnic with your friends. Pack a couple of snacks, a blanket, find a spot to set up and you’re done! If you want to do something with a little more physical activity, you can go mini-golfing! Mini golfing is super fun and you don’t need to have any skills to have a great time. Lastly, you can set up a little campfire and roast marshmallows! This is a super fun way to spend the night with your friends. 

As you can tell, there are many fun things to do this summer. Now is a great time to start making your summer bucket list to make this year the best summer of your life. I hope that these ideas gave you a little inspiration this summer! See you next year!