Spring With a Hint of Softball

Photo Courtesy of Trition College.

Photo Courtesy of Trition College.

Spring is a ‘sunsational’ time to be alive, especially when you get to do what you love. But how do you balance what you love with meeting the demands of the outside world? For Softball players, the sport controls your days—but what controls your nights?  The key point is to find that balance between Softball and other activities. Whether that includes hanging out with friends, doing crafts, watching the sunrise, or anything else you can think of– the equilibrium between them is what keeps you happy in the end. 

During the preseason you should work just as hard if not harder than in the actual Softball season. This way, you don’t have to worry about not being good enough or being behind in your skills compared to the rest of your team. Practice is where you work as hard as you can for at least 2 hours and push yourself that way later you can have fun in the hot weather! 

You learn how to make decisions early in life, but that guilt always makes the selection. You never know how to make the most difficult decisions feel right. Especially when it comes to a sport; you never know the right choice. Make a decision: go to the optional practice on Spring Break because you’ve been slacking off during practice or go to a party with your friends because you haven’t hung out with them in forever. 

The phrase “You only live once?” resonates with this argument. Is it worth missing an optional practice to go to a party or hang out with friends when you should be focused on Softball? On the other hand, is it worth going to an optional practice if you’re ahead on the skills? It depends on what you prioritize—there is no right or wrong answer; it’s what you believe in. 

There’s a difference between skipping practice to be with friends and needing a mental break. Mental health must take precedence over anything; your mindset needs to be in a good place before you end up hurting it even more. Gracie Miceli (sophomore) lives by one saying, “It doesn’t make you a bad person to pick yourself first and have an off day because everything’s mentally draining,” That piece of advice should follow you through your entire life whether you play a sport or not. 

Just because you miss a practice or game does not make you a bad person. You are still committed and dedicated if you miss a practice on Spring Break. Spring Break is the most guilt-tripping week for a Softball player. While your friends are at the beach you must decide whether or not to join or go to Softball. It would be beneficial to go to the game or practice but it depends on the athlete. 

There are many pros and cons to Spring Break mixing with Softball but it overall comes down to how you are as a Softball player with your skills and mindset. What do you prioritize the most? Becoming a Division 1 Softball player or living your high school years with memories to remember?