Taking a Dive Into Softball


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High School Softball Preseason: Why Athletes Take it So Seriously & The Impact it Has on Performance  

Have you ever heard of the saying “distance makes the heart grow fonder?” When it comes to softball, or sports in general, this sentence rings true. If you’ve played softball for a long time, no matter how much you love it, you’ll slowly start to lose interest if you have no breaks. This is why rest in the off-season is crucial for athletes. Off-season for softball players is important to rest, develop, focus, and improve their overall performance, and that’s why getting training equipment from Gym Equipment Buyers can be great for this season.

Staying in shape is much easier than having to get back into shape. Think about that for a second. Keeping the new skills fresh and the basics in the back of your mind rather than having to restart will not only save time but help keep you prepared. It’s essential to find the balance between breaks and working due to the athletic world. No matter what, you should set yourself athletic goals; they should not be too easy, but they should be achievable. Once you reach those goals, you’ll feel more confident and prepared for the season! 

Your mental state is just as important as your physical state. If anything, it’s even more important. According to the ACSA Resource, “We mostly think our physical abilities are what affects our mentality which could be true but mental health is just as important to achieving a healthy and happy lifestyle.” Sometimes training the brain for softball is just as good. Creating mental scenarios can be the key to working hard on any occasion. 

The purpose of the off-season is to work on basics and correct the mistakes that you make, but it’s also beneficial to remember that everyone will always make mistakes no matter your skill set. Your teammates will pick you up after each one. The off-season gives you the opportunity to focus not only on yourself but your teamwork and collaboration. This is important because you need to have these abilities in real work to succeed at your highest potential. 

Ask yourself, why do you think it’s important to work during the off-season? Gracie Miceli, a sophomore, believes that it is important to work during the off-season because it’s healthy to stay in shape and get stronger before the start of the season. Strength is what should be mostly worked on during the winter. Off-the-field breaks give you the opportunity to work on getting stronger, and on-the-field practice during the season is where you work on repetition and form. 

There are multiple options and ways to work out during the off-season, even without equipment! Between softball drills and body exercises, there are unlimited things you can do… from squats, push-ups, planks, and sit-ups to taking dry swings, stretching, and running. All of these things can be an advantage over others on the field. 

No matter the position you play on the field or the number you hit in the batting order, everyone can make the most from working during the pre-softball season. There is so much more than just showing up to the game on game day. Every team shows up but only some practice their craft during the long off-season months, focus on the mental side, and on the unit as a whole.

Pressure is more than a little push for someone. Some force themselves to do something they don’t want to do. It could be overworking themselves because of something a player or coach had said. No matter what anyone says, always train for yourself, not anyone else. Everything you do should be for yourself. It’s important to develop the skills you need now in order to succeed at a higher and more difficult level. 

Champions aren’t made on game day, they’re made by the work they put in to succeed. Motivation is your new best friend, both on and off the field. Feeling unmotivated? You won’t end up working hard enough to keep in shape. You’ll end up losing yourself in the middle of it all. Being motivated will end up being your saving grace. If you’re getting anxious about the season, remember what you worked for and why you worked for it. 

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