Did Somebody Say, “Good Afternoon Roxbury”?!


A smile, a single wholeheartedly form of features that might appear on one’s face. Typically, high school kids go through the motions of life numb to the brim without a care or a smirk but a student in particular never fails to have the biggest one. Every day at 2:05pm you hear him on the announcements say, “Good Afternoon, Roxbury!” in a cheerful voice.

Your senior year is one of the most important and controversial segments of your entire life. Being Andrew Darling, the last name goes way back to being the last Darling to graduate. It is bittersweet and like most, a little relieving! 

Andrew has been participating in theater for many years also while being in choir for a lot of his time and loved singing ever since he could talk. Through blood, sweat, and tears, hard work pays off. Achieving your goal might be one of the best feelings in the entire world. 

The general school president has many benefits and pitfalls. You have so many jobs to do all while learning and participating in clubs and extracurricular activities. Everyone is blessed to have a student body council filled with outstanding candidates but, especially so, we are fortunate to have Andrew Darling as the General School President.

Being a high school student has its ups and downs. You never know when something might go wrong, but it’s all worth it in the end with your diploma in your hand and the graduation cap on your head.

When talking about Andrew’s presence in the classroom, he brings others in and is a huge contributor to the conversation. Not only does he challenge himself, but he completes those challenges and obstacles with a smile on his face. He includes everyone and those who don’t participate to do so. 

Positivity goes a long way whether it’s just a smile or a compliment. It’s a simple “you got this!” or “good job!” that makes all the difference. Words are just words until you put meaning to them. Happy is only a word until you mean it. Darling is just a word until you put a name to it. 

This year, he showed everyone that being in the play is more than something in the theater. He is a constant source of encouragement to everyone around him, from our presence in the crowd to his entertainment skills. As a result, he has flourished this year and completely in such a positive way.  

An active participant in the community and a friend to all,  Andrew Darling is living his best life. Today, in the 2022-2023 school year, Andrew’s final high school year is one for the books! He ends his school career with friends that will last a lifetime and advice that will go higher than an airplane. So when those caps are getting thrown into the air, you can bet he and all the other seniors are ready for a new beginning!