College VS Career

What makes College such a necessity to live? Why can’t we just start our careers? Why do we need to go to college? These are all questions I’m asking myself while in my senior year of high school, deciding what my plans are once I graduate.


From a poll I did on the Roxbury Reviews Instagram, 53% chose College. Now, why is that? College is an excellent opportunity to learn more for your near future in the career world. It can lead you to new opportunities, people, and internships that can help you. It is also good to challenge yourself with your intelligence. Kristen Masullo mentioned, “ For me, it gave me different tools, and I was able to meet new people, who gave me different resources to set me up for success.” A change in space can help you. Connections matter in the world we live in. We depend on connections to get jobs or information, and College is a great space for that.


This leads me to the question, why do I need to go to college for my career? Well… you don’t have to exactly some jobs don’t need a college certificate and some do. Why is that? For example, if you want to be a psychologist, you need to go to college to help others to learn about themselves and how they think. College for that specific career will help and teach you all about the brain. But, say you want to be a manager you don’t exactly need to go to college, you would need a business degree or not one at all. Nowadays, it all depends on the company you work for and your work ethic. 


While on the other hand, 47% of my poll chose a Career right after college. Some benefits of starting a career right after are going into the “real world” early, producing money earlier, saving lots of money, and developing life skills early. It’s equally important to understand retirement investments when aiming to save money, as it plays a crucial role in securing financial stability for the future. Many students mentioned while interviewing them that if they didn’t have to go to college for their careers, they wouldn’t. Such as starting your own business; it’s your business. You choose what goes… except some things can still hang over your head. Such as having a business degree can help your business look better and more professional. 


There are alternative school options other than college. People who plan or are in the union for work could be set for life. They’re still working just as hard as the people in college but in a different way.


Is college needed in today’s world? No, but it helps navigate you to connections and challenges you may encounter while on the way. You can also do just as much without a degree, and it doesn’t mean you’re less than anyone else. We as people aren’t made to be perfect, we are made to be our true selves. If it leads you one way that is different from another, then that’s what is meant to happen.