What Does Roxbury Mean To You?

Photo Courtesy of Wikiwand

Photo Courtesy of Wikiwand

Welcome to Roxbury! People see the big blue sign on the side of the road welcoming them into this big community. They may think, “What is Roxbury?” The community holds many memories, funny moments, secrets, and love. Anyone who enters Roxbury, will not want to leave.

Roxbury High School is filled with some of the best people in the community. The school tries its hardest to leave an impact on its students, and even the community. They help raise money for Roxbury families in need, conduct events through the Interact Club, and give students a great education before college. Once students leave, they will always take a little part of Roxbury with them.

The teachers and guidance counselors are sympathetic and helpful as well. They are very wholesome and caring towards their students. They are hardworking, and that is why the children of Roxbury turn out to be future leaders; the students have a support system behind them at all times, and they know it. Teachers and guidance counselors bring out the kindness in quiet students and help calm down the loud ones. All in all, the staff and students at Roxbury are lucky to be in this community that we call family.

‘On the spot’ interviews were conducted throughout the school between students and teachers. The questions asked were, “What does the Roxbury community mean to you and what have you learned from this community?” These interviews were conducted to show the type of community Roxbury is and how it shapes the generations that come and go. Their responses varied from their experiences here, but here are their answers. 

A senior, Vanessa Suarez stated, “… it means connecting with your peers, enjoying the people you’re around, and helping them succeed… I’ve learned that if you’re unified things will work out.”

Mrs. Burleigh, a teacher, stated, “it’s being a part of greatness. Our school community has a lot of energy, we have the best students here… there is something special about being in Roxbury. I’ve learned that you have to think of others. The best part of this community is how much we give and support others…We have the best kids in Morris County, which stems from their families.”

Mrs. Smidth, a teacher, stated, “I love being a part of the Roxbury community… It’s a place I’ve always felt comfortable, and the students are great. Teachers who work here really love their students. I’ve learned that you never know where you’re going to meet people you can connect with and find a home with.”

Frankie Pavese, a senior, stated, “…to have pride in your community, and I’ve learned there’s a bunch of good people in this community.”

Aiden Metz, a senior, stated, “…a big family, everyone is so connected in many different ways, and it just feels like home. I’ve learned how to deal with real-world problems.”

Our very own teacher, Mrs. Santoro, stated, “the Roxbury community is unique in that there are a lot of people who care about each other… who are willing to help each other in any way possible. We have a good sense of community here, and we have a strong group of people who are willing to help in any way they can. I have learned the value of community and how it takes a lot of different people to effectively run a community and to make an impact in the community.”

As you can see, the community has a positive look of life and the people around us. Roxbury focuses on community, unity, strength, and kindness. All the responses have shown what everyone already knows about Roxbury Township; they have the biggest hearts and are full of kindred spirits. Finally, remember that every day is a great day to be a Gael!