Journalism: Not A Job For The Weak

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Without journalism you wouldn’t know about Hurricane Ian, Queen Elizabeth the II passing away, or the flooding in Pakistan. Journalists are essential to getting the news out fast and efficiently. Journalists put their lives on the line all the time, and don’t get enough recognition for it. With it being one of the most stressful jobs out there, why don’t we praise them enough?

“I work fifty hours to sixty hours a week,” Journalist Matthew Shaer says. Shaer is a Journalist who works for the New York Times and is a co-founder of the podcast studio Campside Media. Journalists are overworked and underpaid, “There are definitely higher paying jobs out there, journalism isn’t always one that pays great,” Shaer says.

For journalists, staying on top of current events is essential for success, “Every morning, I go online and search for trending topics.” Victoria Rosenthal, who works for, says. “Working with trending articles, you have to be fast”. Staying up to date with current events can be both stressful and exciting at the same time, “meeting deadlines can be stressful,” Rosenthal states. 

There are many more sources of stress other than meeting deadlines in the field, “it’s definitely stressful. There is pressure to get things right. People are trusting you to get the information right,” Shaer says. He also went on to say how being a journalist in the public eye really isn’t all that great, “I’ve always not really loved it. Getting fan mail is great. Getting yelled at or getting nasty emails, not so much,” Journalists face a lot of backlash which can take a toll on their mental health. Understanding unlawful dicrimination can provide insight into navigating such challenges in the workplace.

Another important aspect of journalism is staying unbiased. When something happens in the news, almost everyone forms an opinion on it, even journalists. However, staying unbiased is part of the job, “With journalism, you try not to state your opinion.” Shaer states. Journalists are meant to report the news, not help you pick a side. 

Being a journalist also comes with many rewarding aspects. Traveling is something that journalists may get the chance to experience, “I travel about a week and a half a month… Thailand is by far my favorite place I’ve ever been,” Shaer states. However, not every journalist gets the chance to travel a lot for their job, “For my position, it’s all research based” Rosenthal states. 

Journalists go into the field for many different reasons, each person has their own unique reason and story behind it. “I wasn’t really good at anything else. I was good at writing,” Shaer says. Journalism is a unique field that can bring a sense of community to people. “I wanted to learn more and be more involved in the community” Rosenthal explains “and I really loved writing”

Journalism affects all of us whether we realize it or not, it is an important part of all our lives. Journalists work hard each and every day to make sure we are all caught up on the latest news. So the next time you’re wondering about what fashion trends are the most popular, or who Harry Styles is currently dating, think of the journalist who took the time to research and educate themselves on the topic to write an article about it for you to read, then you will see and understand the importance of journalists. By the way, if you’re interested on how much does Don Lemon make a day, try to check this article for more insights.