Spring Sports Season Begins!


Photo courtesy of Gaelvision.

Springtime is a great time for sports, especially this year. The addition of wrestling and volleyball to the mix of the initial beginning spring sports really brought out Roxbury’s school spirit. Lots of sports are looking to thrive including our baseball and softball teams, our golf team, and tennis all look to do great this year. Roxbury lacrosse is also a huge part of the school spirit. Lots of kids come out every year to try out for the team and this year, the team has a little under 50 kids. There were not enough boys to make an all-freshman team as the team needed so many of them to be thrown right into the fire and play varsity. 

This year, the team has a thriving 16 seniors including their whole starting defense, midfield players, goalie, and faceoff man all being included in that number. The team started off the season with tryouts on April 1st. Tryouts went great with a lot of running to get the boys’ legs back to what they are used to which is running, a lot! Coach Blough looks forward to having such a great season facing very tough competition. They will have to play teams like Mountain Lakes, Pope John, and Delbarton (which is nationally ranked 23 in the country). 

The first scrimmage for the boys was April 10th, and it went very well. The boys fought hard down to the wire until they were told to come out in the 6 quarter scrimmage. There was no score kept, but it was said that it was a very close game. The next scrimmage was against Wayne Hills and Roxbury had a long bus ride for that one. They went to the field ready o play and show up, but they lost that one in a nail-biter. The score was also not recorded in that game, either. The last scrimmage before the start of the season was against Pequannock and it went well, to say the least. Roxbury was winning 11-1 when the varsity team got pulled out of the 5 quarter scrimmage. The final was not recorded, but it is safe to say that Roxbury won by a landslide. The first game was scheduled four days after the last scrimmage on Monday, April 19th. 

On Monday, Roxbury had some tough competition with what it felt like all sports starting their home openers. The parking lot was packed and the student section was thriving at the boys’ lacrosse game. The team struggled during the game to possess the ball and keep control. The score was 5-0 at the end of the 1st quarter, 10-1 at the end of the 2nd, 13-3 at the end of the 3rd, and 15-6 at the end of the game. It was a tough loss for Roxbury, but some good still came out of the game. The 4th quarter was played with a lot of heart and the offense and defense really meshed great together to win the quarter. They will seek to beat Sparta next time, at Sparta’s home turf in about a week and a half. 

The boys are excited for the next one though leaving the past behind them as they are about to take on Randolph for the rivalry cup between the two teams. Randolph won it two years ago and with no season last year, the Gaels are looking to bring it back home. It will be a tough game but from what we have heard from the team, they are ready to play. Nick Thomas described it as “one of the biggest rivalries for this school,” and coach Blough said in their huddle at practice the day before,” I shouldn’t need to say anything else, other than that we are playing Randolph!” The boys got loud and look forward to the Wednesday night game at 7 o’clock at home on their turf. Bring home the cup and good luck to the Roxbury boys lacrosse team for the rest of the year, beat Randolph!

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