Francisco Lindor Trade and What it Means for the Mets

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Francisco Lindor is a name New York Mets fans should remember because he will be the leader of this contending team! He has played the first six years of his career for the Cleveland Indians and has established himself as one of if not the best shortstop in baseball. He brings many things to the table with his insanely high talent level. He is easily the best two-way shortstop in the league, with two Gold Gloves and two Silver Sluggers along with being an all-star 4 out of the 5 possible chances he’s had. The superstar out of the Dominican Republic has shown he can get fans in the seats with his flashy playstyle and likable personality (he isn’t nicknamed “Mr. Smiles” for nothing)! 

This trade is big news for the Mets, as it showed the baseball world that new owner Steve Cohen isn’t all talk. He came in with the philosophy that he is going to spend money to get the superstars this team needs to contend. With the exception of the McCann signing, this was the first major move Steve has made and it was a big one. Any team who gets a superstar like Lindor is bound to improve but, with his kind of talent, joining the Mets is huge. It is a complete game-changer and a message to the league that they are no longer the ‘lovable losers’ but a team that is willing to make the moves needed to win. 

Lindor has all the power, the speed, the defense, the flash, and so much more that will make him a perfect fit in New York. Even in a small market team like Cleveland Lindor was in the spotlight but now in the biggest city in the world, he’s prepared to take a huge next step. 

As Francisco said in his first interview as a New York Met, he is just one piece to the puzzle. The Mets still have to make some moves before opening day to add to this already talented team but this trade was a step in the right direction. 

Francisco Lindor and the Mets settled the attribution at around 22 million dollars leaving them with space to sign a center fielder and relief pitcher which are both needs for this team. Although the Mets don’t have any huge 300 million dollars over 10 plus years contracts like many other teams have (at least until the Mets can re-sign Lindor it will most likely be 300 million over 10), the Amazins find themselves with the third-highest payroll in the MLB. Only the Dodgers and Yankees have higher payrolls than the Mets’ $83,386,464 one. 

Along with Lindor, all-star pitcher Carlos Carrasco was also packaged into the deal, which not only brings in a great pitcher but will help make Francisco more at home. The move from Cleveland, which is one of baseball’s smallest markets, to New York which is baseball’s biggest is a big one. Lindor talked in his press conference about how he has already contacted multiple new teammates of his including Thomas Nido, James McCann, and many more. 

This trade is already being compared to the Mike Piazza trade, and I can see why. It is a franchise-changing trade and it is just more proof the Mets are on the upswing. Lindor will be the best player on a team where the focus isn’t just set on making the playoffs but winning it all. This is just the beginning; these next 10 years will be years to remember!