A Recap of the 2020 Football Season: From Football to Cheer to Band


Photo courtesy of Gaelvision.

It’s 2020 and our Varsity Gaels have finally won a game this season. On Thursday, November 19th, the Gaels won the game against Chatham with a score of 7-0. 

Everyone involved was really excited about the win because it was the last night of football for the seniors and a huge deal for all. Football player Finn Krause said “I will remember the seniors. They are all outstanding people and I really grew close to them through the season. They are all hard workers and they deserved that victory.”

Cheerleader Alexandra Schulz said, “The best part of the game was getting that touchdown and being able to do the touchdown dance with my team one last time” 

During the half-time show, the Roxbury Sound played the song “Sweet Caroline,” which featured the cheerleaders stunting on the track. The band also played “Bad Guy,” featuring the color guard on sabre, and ended the night with “Don’t Stop Believin’.” These songs were all chosen by students through a Google Form. Both the Roxbury Sound and the cheerleaders are a huge part of the halftime show and games in general, and games wouldn’t be the same without them.

The Roxbury Sound’s Drum Major Hailey Gabloff said, “The best part of the game, for me, is always performing our half-time show. Since this was our last game for the season and as a Senior, it was extra special to me.” She also said: “I really liked at the end of the football game that the band, cheerleaders, and football players were all able to celebrate the win together at the end of the game when the band played the ‘Alma Mater.’”

COVID-19 was, unfortunately, a big player this season. Freshman, sophomores, and juniors were only allowed to bring 2 family members to games, and seniors could only bring 4. Additionally, there was no student section of the game this year. Everyone’s practice time was shortened and it really changed the football season in a way we’ve never seen before.  

Even though this season was rough, everyone still had a great time. Band member Karmen Giannikopoulos said: “I’ll remember making memories from our performance and 3rd quarter snacks because even though this year may have turned out differently, I still had fun with my friends and with the band.”

When asked how it felt to finally win a game, football player Tyler Kopp said, “Amazing. Even though the season didn’t necessarily go the way we wanted it to go, the win really put all of our work onto the field and we’re all proud of the win.”

The Gaels scored their first touchdown on October 17th, away from home, but the game on November 19th gave them their —first win this season. 

“I felt so happy that the team, mostly the seniors for winning their last game of the year.” said cheerleader Dana Mendelsohn. “Especially during these hard times, it was a great end to a hard year and season.”

Clearly, the Varsity Gaels football team winning is a big deal to everyone involved, and the best way possible to end a difficult season for all.