Who’s New at RHS: Mr. Hansen


Photo courtesy of Gaelvision

  Mr. Hansen is a new student-teacher at Roxbury High School.  He grew up in a small town called Blairstown, NJ which has a population of 5,728 people. While growing up, Mr. Hansen’s dream job has always been to run a hotel in New York City. So when he got the opportunity to go to college to learn how to run a hotel, he packed his bags and ran off to New York. But soon after, Mr. Hansen lost interest in his dream job after learning more about the business. After deciding that the hotel industry was not for him, Mr. Hansen chose to become a teacher because he wanted to interact with and help people in the capacity that a teacher does. 

    2020 is Mr.Hansen’s first year of teaching at Roxbury High School and with the new schedule that Roxbury High School has put into place, there are a lot of bumps in the road that Mr. Hansen must endure. Mr. Hansen can’t wait till all of his students are all back in person so he can finally teach a full classroom of kids, but at the same time, he knows that isn’t the best thing for all of the students due to all of the current health restrictions and social distancing.

     Even though Mr. Hansen is new to teaching he can’t wait till he has his own personal classroom. One of his goals as a teacher is to make sure he is always there for his kids if they need guidance. Mr. Hansen strongly disagrees with when students don’t get a say in what they’re doing, he wants to let his students have a choice assignment where the students get to choose how and with whom they would like to complete their assignments. 

       Outside of teaching, Mr. Hansen loves to have fun with his hobbies. He has recently taken up golf and is having a lot of fun with it. Mr. Hansen can’t wait until he is settled in a house and can be able to have free time to go golfing. Mr.Hansen is also in love with music and loves everything about it. When he isn’t teaching English at Roxbury High School, he is teaching music on the side because he loves to show kids how amazing music is.

    In 5 years, Mr. Hansen sees himself as an independent teacher and a father. He is really trying hard this school year to show his kids that he is a great teacher and strives to become the best teacher he can. First things first, Mr. Hansen wants to be settled in with a strong job so that he can provide for a family. Mr. Hansen hopes for the best for himself and all his students and also cannot wait to see what the future holds.