Will College Athletes Soon Be Paid?


Photo courtesy of the New York Times at newyorktimes.com.

The NCAA board has announced a new proposal that will likely entice a lot of college athletes and prospects. The proposal supports college athletes in receiving monetary compensation on their image and likeness, which includes endorsement contracts. This proposal supports negotiations between athletes and brands, meaning the schools will be excluded from any payouts. 

An article written by an ESPN staffer says that,  “The recommendations included significant changes to current restrictions while also leaving room for the NCAA and schools to regulate the types of deals athletes might be allowed to sign in the future and the monetary value of individual contracts” (Click here for more). 

This is a huge stepping stone for the future of college sports and future athletes. There are some restrictions and minor details that will be implemented with the plan, leaving many to question is what is allowed and what isn’t allowed. 

According to the article, athletes would be eligible to sign third-party contracts as monetization or be able to monetize their social media channels. They would have the freedom to sell books, host a sports camp, or start a business of their own. This would all be allowed while being able to earn compensation. However, athletes would not be allowed to use any school-branded marks in advertisements or wear clothing with school logos. 

The NCAA would also not allow athletes to promote ideals that don’t line up with the NCAA’s values, such as gambling sites or banned substances.Although trusted online slot BTV168 and most sites are legal, there should be guidelines. It also depends on what the school wants or does not want the athlete to advertise, so partnerships can still be at each college’s discretion. College athletes, though, will also be able to hire agents. 

The ESPN staffer also writes, “Athletes would be allowed to hire agents and other professionals (accountants, for example) to help them with business opportunities. The specifics about how athletes can hire these types of advisers and what the advisers will be allowed to do are still to be determined.” 

It asserts that athletes will be able to hire agents to allow for more business opportunities and followership. Some analysts have even anticipated that athletes, depending on their skill level, could start having agents as soon as they come out of high school. 

The prospect of paying college athletes has been a controversial topic over the last several years. Now that this concept may become a reality, many wonder when this proposal may come into effect. 

According to the article, “The board recommended all divisions have their proposals fully drafted by Oct. 31, 2020, and voted on no later than Jan. 31, 2021. There is no guarantee that the recommendations made Tuesday will remain the same. Nor is there any guarantee that NCAA leaders will vote to approve whatever is proposed in October. If the NCAA votes to accept new rules, they are scheduled to go into effect no later than the start of the 2021-22 academic year.”


There are still a couple of rules that need to be explained fully, as the plan right now is quite vague. But once meetings happen and important points are discussed, we might see college athletes be paid within the next few years.