Senior Advice: Message to All Seniors

“When you take things for granted, the things you are granted get taken.” 

In life, everyone faces obstacles that throw them off course. These courses or plans we thought were sturdy and in place have been destroyed. Therefore, we must seek a new path, find a new way to go. 

It is often you hear the saying, “Do not take things for granted,” or even hear the soothing melody of Counting Crows lyrics, “You don’t know what you got til it’s gone.” This advice follows everyone: around whether it be athletes, musicians, scholars, teachers, parents, or the person reading this. This time, as a senior, I am sharing this advice. Be thankful for the opportunities you have because they can be taken away in an instant. 


For me, as a senior, due to the circumstances of COVID-19, I will not be playing my final year of lacrosse. In this sport, I have put my heart and dedication towards being a captain and teammate on the field. I am not the only senior who has something being taken away from them. In fact, all seniors, the class of 2020 all around the world, are in fear that senior activities such as graduation, and prom and all sports will be canceled. 

Many other people, like my brother who is a senior in college, have lost their opportunities to continue with sports as well. After years of growing up with these college sports, he and many others are losing something they love so dearly. Now, they are home gaining an education through a computer screen, not being active on a field.

Being a senior in my final marking period of high school, it is difficult to continue school through virtual reality. Seniors are unable to connect, share the excitement and walk through the halls they have grown in. Now, as we push through this hard time, we must also prepare to jump into a new life of college. 


Rare moments, like the one we are living in now, can take over those plans we had once had in place. Sudden changes can redirect the paths we thought were perfectly carved. While some changes, like going to college, are a big exciting step, it is a change that can also be frightening. After being in a comforting high school for the past four years, many of us seniors must reflect on what we had. Because before we know it, we will be back at stage one, stepping into an unfamiliar area searching for comfort and safety as freshman. 

Do not take things for granted.

Life is very fragile. We learn this through certain events that happen over the course of our lives. Some resulting in sudden changes, wishing there were just a few more moments to take in. We have to accept the changes and find a way to continue. Though at this time, many people have lost things or someone they love, the steps taken after are most important. How do we move on? How do we continue? This is by taking what you once had and turning it into memories that will be with you forever.