Super Bowl LIV


Mark J. Rebilas

Photo courtesy of CBS Sports

This year’s Super Bowl was one of the most anticipated matchups in recent years, as many fans were having trouble deciding who to root for. A team only makes it to the Super Bowl if they have played well enough throughout the entire season to knock out the competition. The 49ers went into the Super Bowl with a 13-3 record and the Chiefs a 12-4 record, proving they were more than ready to compete for the title.

The San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs were evenly matched, making it hard for even the sports’ best analysts to predict the victor. Between San Francisco’s dominant defense and an incredible Kansas City offense led by Patrick Mahomes, fans across the country were thrilled to see the action.

The Chiefs win was anything but easy to obtain, as both teams continually responded when their opponent scored. The 49ers were quick to start off the game with a 38-yard field goal from kicker Robbie Gould. Patrick Mahomes ran in a 1-yard touchdown to give Kansas City the lead near the end of the first quarter. Kicker Harrison Butker extended the Chiefs’ lead when he successfully made a 31-yard field goal during the second quarter. Yet again, San Francisco was able to tie up the game after a 15-yard pass attempt was completed from Jimmy Garoppolo to Kyle Juszczyk.

With the game tied 10-10 going into halftime, it was clear that the match was going to prove to be the exciting match-up sports fans everywhere were hoping for. 49ers kicker Robbie Gould successfully made a 42-yard field goal to give them a 13-10 lead. Many viewers felt as if the Chiefs’ game was over when Raheem Mostert, a San Francisco running back, made the 1-yard run to bump the score up to 20-10. Giving up ten unanswered points was something unexpected for Kansas City, seeing as many people believed their dominant offense would be a great force to oppose the 49ers defense.

In the fourth quarter, tensions were rising for the Chiefs as they hoped to start a comeback. San Francisco wasn’t reveling in their victory yet, as they knew they could not play easily against Kansas City. With 6:13 remaining in the fourth, Travis Kelce made a 1-yard reception from Mahomes to bring the Chiefs only three points away from the 49ers lead. Less than four minutes later, Mahomes completed another pass, for 5-yards, to running back Damien Williams to give the Chiefs a 20-24 lead.

As the clock began to wind down, tension continued to rise between the two teams. Kansas City was hoping to continue their scoring streak, while San Francisco was hoping to stop the Chiefs and let Jimmy Garoppolo and his offense take the field. Unfortunately for the 49ers, they were not able to make any successful attempts. With 1:12 remaining in the final quarter of the season’s last game, Williams ran for 38-yards to score the final touchdown of the Super Bowl. Kansas City won 20-31, granting the team their first championship of the post-1970 AFL-NFL merger.

Super Bowl LIV was a great game for all fans of the sport of football, whether they cared about the outcome or not. The game was not dominated by offense or defense, nor was it one-sided. Both teams were able to hold their own against one another and prove how they earned their spots in the NFL’s most important game. Ultimately the Chiefs prevailed in this dramatic showdown. 

Looking to the 2020 season there are endless possibilities. Will the Chiefs repeat or fall short? Is it likely San Francisco will return to the NFL’s biggest stage? Only time, and hard work, will tell.