Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is celebrated each year as the day of romance. A loving holiday celebrated on February 14th, it is often filled with love by sending flowers, chocolates or even letters to loved ones. Here is a brief history of this loving holiday. 

How it began

The day of love came from St. Valentine who was a valiant man in love. During his time, the emperor of Rome banned the marriage of his soldiers to help keep the men focused. Instead, St. Valentine continued to marry couples. When St. Valentine was caught, he was sent to prison where he fell in love with the prison officers’ blind daughter. The legend of this tale states that St. Valentine’s love was so pure and strong that it cured the woman’s eyesight. Shortly after, St. Valentine was sentenced to be executed but left a love letter behind signing, “From Your Valentine,”. From there, love letters began to erupt and new traditions started. 


One of the most famous images of Valentine’s Day is a winged baby holding an arrow, also known as Cupid. Cupid became a part of Valentine’s Day due to his title as the God of Affection. As the son of Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, Cupid shoots arrows at individuals making them fall deeply in love. Cupid is a distinct figure and symbol of Valentine’s Day today. 


Receiving flowers for Valentine’s Day dates back to the 17th century. This is when King Charles II of Sweden, was exposed to a new language一 the language of flowers. Flowers were used for communicating with people without using any words. In Europe, this phenomenon was made into a list of flowers and what they mean in relationships. For example, yellow flowers meant someone was disappointed and purple meant that someone was begging to be forgiven. The most popular, red, represented deep true love. This began to spread across the world, allowing significant others to purchase roses and deliver them to their own love. 


If you enjoy receiving and of course eating scrumptious chocolates on Valentine’s Day, you have Richard and George Cadbury to thank. This rich and sweet treat was transformed into a loving and affectionate product. The Cadbury brothers created boxes of chocolate shaped into fancy hearts appealing to the investors and couples on Valentine’s Day. Therefore, boxes of chocolate became another symbol of romance and is always a tasty treat. 

This Valentine’s Day, there are many romantic ideas to try. From writing a simple love note to giving someone a box of chocolate, all express the feeling of love. February 14th is a special day that is just around the corner!