Advice from a Senior

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Anxious, stressed, scared. These are emotions all students may feel as they enter marking period two. Adjusting to the flow of the school, workload, and extracurriculars, many may feel they need a new start. Just like the seasons are changing, the marking period is as well一 allowing a fresh start and new challenges for students! 

Throughout the course of my high school years, I myself have felt those very emotions. Anxious: I was a freshman in a big new school, confused by directions, trying to make my way around without getting in the way of the upper class. Stressed: as a sophomore, I was working with new AP classes, harder workloads on top of after school activities. Scared: as a junior finally stepping up to that “upperclassmen” title I was bombarded with the news of college, SAT and ACT prep or testing, terrified of what my plans for the future would turn out to be. But now, as a senior looking back on my years here at RHS, I am at ease because I communicated with teachers in times of need. 

Freshman year is a time to get into the rhythm and flow of high school. Many might be nervous to reach out to their teachers in hopes of help or advice. By doing this, it does not mean you are weak, it means you are confident. Seeking out help to better yourself and improve your grades is never a bad thing. Teachers are always willing to chat for a few minutes to discuss problems or issues that are arising. I learned about communicating with my teachers during freshman year allowed me to better my relationships and be more confident in my work. 

Jumping into sophomore year, I was overwhelmed with new classes, surrounded by students who were at a higher level than I was. At this time, I was unaware of the opportunity to talk about scheduling with guidance counselors or teachers. Once I realized I was able to condense my workload into a better schedule, I was then able to work my best and impress my teachers as best as I could. There are many people that are willing to help out around the school. Even guidance counselors are a great resource to discuss schedules with or if you are struggling in an area in school. 

Junior year was a time where I was grateful I took the opportunities to talk to my teachers. There were many aspects that were playing a role in my future that I need to continue.  For example, this is the year when students begin discussing colleges as well as future plans. Therefore, all of the teachers I have communicated with, asked for help or time to work on a project for an extra five minutes, were all willing to help. I was able to ask for my letters of recommendation and have assistance in possible careers. At the end of junior year, all of those emotions, anxiousness, stress, and fear all vanished and I headed towards a fun, enjoyable, exciting senior year at RHS. 

Sitting back writing this “Senior Advice,” I am so grateful for the help my teachers provided for me. Senior year is exciting yet anxious waiting for that acceptance letter for a dream school. It is also a year to reflect back on all you have accomplished, all the friends you have made and different relationships you have formed. Communicating with teachers has been a very useful skill and tip that made my high school years flow easier. 

Now, as we enter our second marking period, I hope you will now feel relieved, relaxed and have great confidence. This will all begin when you start to communicate with the teachers and the people around you.