How to Win a Match in Fortnite

Photo courtesy of YouTube

Photo courtesy of YouTube

Have you ever wondered how to win a match in Fortnite? Roxbury’s very own Freddie Hand has the answer!

General Information:

  • Named Locations=good loot, and more enemies. Unnamed Locations= less loot, and fewer enemies.
  • Search chests or floors for loot.
  • Harvest materials to build with.
  • Air drops or rare chests contain the best loot.
  • Arena will shrink periodically, pushing enemies closer together.
  • Become the last player, duo or squad standing.
  • Nicknames to know: “Sweat”=Tryhard, “Mats”=Materials, “Grinding”=Building large structures very fast.


  • Solos contain more AI Players and some real players.
  • AI players are less skilled
  • There can only be one winner.


  • Will be matched with another player for duos, 3 other players in squads.
  • Enemies and teammates can be “knocked” where their health goes to 0 but they crawl on the ground unable to fire. They can be picked up and carried to safety or can be revived if another teammate is nearby. If their “knocker” health goes down to 0 they will die. However, they can drop a “reboot card” that can be used at a “reboot van”- found in certain locations on the map – to revive teammates.

Strategy 1- Bush camping:

Find a bush and crouch in it to make yourself virtually invisible to enemies. Wait until you are in the top 2 and then fight

Strategy 2- Grinding:

If you or your team is skilled, you can just play, fight the other players head-on. This strategy brings the highest chance of failure, though.

Strategy 3- Memeing:

Doing something so stupid and out of place that no enemy will be willing to fight you. In this strategy, usually no one wins until you die.